Iron & Wine @ 4th and B, 11/27/2007 – Photos and Review for Impose Magazine

Impose Magazine – Iron & Wine photos and review

I was contacted by Impose Magazine to take photos for Yo La Tengo’s show at the Museum of Contemporary Art earlier this month. While there, I mentioned to the West Coast editor (who was doing the write up of that show), that I’d like to shoot the Iron and Wine show at the 4th and B.

A couple emails later, it was all set up, and I agreed to write a little review of the show as well. You can find that here.

I didn’t really go into it that much in the review for that site, but CHAIRS? Really? They did give the people standing in the wings a great view of the show, but seriously. I’m on my feet at work for ~10 hours/day, and I still don’t want to sit down at my concerts. And what’s with the girls standing behind me, right up near the stage, talking over the band about their relationships? Maybe it would be easier to do that somewhere, I don’t know, WHERE THERE’S NOT A BAND PLAYING? Anyway.

It saddened me that the security guards stopped the first guy who went up to the front of the stage and started dancing. They actually told him that if it happened again, he would be escorted out. But then a few more people got up to dance during other songs, and the security guards didn’t do anything about it. I mean really, if you’re not enforcing your camera policy (people using flash from their seats halfway back – enjoy your photos of the backs of everyone else’s heads), why are you stopping people from expressing their enjoyment of the show?

Oh yeah, and Califone ruled. I didn’t write anything about them in my review, but they sounded amazing, especially during my personal favorites “The Orchids” (I know it’s a Psychic TV cover, but still) and “Spider’s House.”

Photos will be up later.