It's a Local Kind of Night

Local bands The Muslims, The Vultures, and the Swedish Models are playing at the Casbah tonight. I’ll be there, so come say hi. AND it just happens to be my friend Kelly’s birthday, so buy her a drink or a shot while you’re at it.

I’ll be snapping photos as usual and enjoying the smooth sounds of the local underground. Dammit that sounds like a tagline for a radio show. Maybe I unintentionally lifted it from somewhere?

It’s one of those days where work is going slowly and my brain is going warp speed. I get all antsy and have to occupy my brain with word games. Sometimes I just wish I could turn it off…

Also, half of my chemicals for developing black and white film arrived today and are presumably waiting on my doorstep for me to get home. The other half should get here tomorrow – which is great because I’m planning on finishing up a roll of film at the Casbah show tonight. I just hope I don’t muck it all up developing it – it’s been awhile.