June 2011 mixtape

First Aid


Links are to Amazon mp3 albums. If you enjoy the songs, please be kind and consider compensating the artists for their hard work.

Song list:

1. Archers of Loaf – Wrong

2. Scott Hutchison & James Graham – Splinter
From the wonderful First Edition – Fruit Tree Foundation album.

3. Other Lives – It Was the Night

4. Okkervil River – Westfall
Their Belly Up show was the best show I’ve seen all year, and the live rendition of this song made my jaw drop.

5. Marching Band – Uncomfortably Numb
Yet another band that I was introduced to by Adrian, via these fantastic mixes.

6. Bon Iver – Holocene
This song talks about winter, but it gives me nostalgia for suffocatingly humid summer nights filled with fireflies blinking through the woods.

7. Wooden Birds – Seven Seventeen

8. Telekinesis – Please Ask for Help

9. Matt & Kim – Cameras

10. Pepper Rabbit – Rose Mary Stretch

11. Guided by Voices – I Am A Scientist
Because I am, and always will be, a scientist.

12. The National – Lucky You
From the pre-Alligator Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, this still remains one of my favorite National songs. And one of my favorite album titles.

13. The Thermals – I’m Gonna Change Your Life

14. Apex Manor – Coming To

15. Titus Andronicus – To Old Friends and New