Portrait Photography – Kristyn

Kristyn 31

After that photo, do I even have to write the words “this was fun?”

Kristyn 02

I was hungover and tired as hell from Street Scene. What was I thinking, scheduling a photo shoot for 10AM the next day?

Kristyn 07

Worked out quite well though. Maybe I should just work on autopilot more often.

Kristyn 11

It helped that Kristyn was a total trooper. I warned her ahead of time that I might “ask her to get in the water.” Honest, I wasn’t thinking of giant waves crashing behind her…then. But when we saw them crashing, well, why the fuck not?

Kristyn 26

She also chased some seagulls, climbed around on rocks barefoot, and changed dresses twice. On the beach.

Kristyn 20

She might be my new hero.

Kristyn 16

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