Labor Day

It’s labor day, and however ironic, I’m at work. I’ve got cells growing that need to be fed every other day or so. But I was actually happy to come in, for the simple fact that my lab is exceedingly well air-conditioned. If it wasn’t, the -20 and -80 freezers would make the whole place about 100 degrees. And if the air conditioning doesn’t do it for ya, there’s always the cold room – basically a walk-in refrigerator.

It’s funny though, because the lab rooms are much more air-conditioned than the hallways, and this creates such a negative pressure differential that it’s hard to open some doors and then they slam behind you. Not to mention that I can hear air whistling between the cracks because, well, this building was designed pretty poorly.

At any rate, I brought a book and am prepared to camp out for awhile, because I just can’t deal with being out in this heat. It’s like being on the East Coast – except there’s no hope of relief from a thunderstorm come late afternoon. That always kind of made the heat worth it for me.