Leah and Levi – Wedding – 10/24/2009

So, this was my first shot at shooting a wedding on my own.  I’ve assisted at a handful of them before (shooting whenever possible), but Leah and Levi were kind enough to trust their friend Brian when he recommended me.  So I drove out to Palm Desert and was lucky enough to share in one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever witnessed.  I mean, who else has been at a wedding that involves most of the wedding party jumping in the pool in their tuxes/bridesmaid dresses?  (Sadly, my camera equipment had long been stowed away at that point.)

Leah and Levi - portraits-7
Leah and Levi - details-7
Leah and Levi - details-12
Leah and Levi - portraits-16
Leah and Levi - portraits-28
Leah and Levi - portraits-47
Leah and Levi - ketubah signing-9
Leah and Levi - ceremony-38
Leah and Levi - ceremony-63
Leah and Levi - reception-43
Leah and Levi - reception-72
Leah and Levi - reception-115
On a side note, if anyone is looking for a wedding photographer for the upcoming year, feel free to drop me an email at natkardos AT gmail DOT com.  I’m also working on revisions to both this site and my portfolio site that will hopefully be up before the end of the year.  So just as an advance warning, if you visit one day and it goes to my portfolio site, just look for the link that says “blog.” 🙂