Live Videos: Talkdemonic and Swim Party @ Casbah, 2/11/2008

All the photos I took this night were way too dark to post, so I thought I’d just post the videos. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to take any video of A.M. Vibe, who sounded beautiful as always.

Talkdemonic blew my socks off. I went to the show not knowing what to expect, but it wasn’t a girl playing viola + guy on drums + laptop noises. I’m glad I didn’t know much about them beforehand, because I might have been negatively opinionated due to the laptop noises part. But they pulled off an amazing set that managed to give them their own sound amid all the other post-rock no-vocals bands out there at the moment. Truly gorgeous. Listen for yourself:

And Swim Party was awesome as usual. I think I noticed a new song I hadn’t heard before in their mix, and I also picked up on the fact that they’ve been tweaking their older songs and playing new arrangements live. Way to keep things interesting, guys. I really can’t say anything else about these guys that hasn’t been said before, so here are the videos:


Tiempo Finales (the time signature on this one just kills me):