Looking Forward to the Weekend

For me, my weekend revolves around Sunday. I’ll be taking the “Magic Bus” from Hamilton’s in South Park to Devore Stadium and the FM94.9 Independence Jam. It’s gonna be a hell of a time.

FM94.9 has been my go-to radio station ever since I moved out here. I’m pretty sure I landed on it my first night in town, on a drive to Target to buy some towels and whatever other crap you need to purchase when you roll into town with only a carload of belongings.

A few years ago, I was visiting an old friend in Philly and two other friends were talking about some radio show on NPR and they couldn’t believe I never listened to it. Joe, who drove across country with me on my move out here and then hung out for a few days, responded with, “In her defense, they have some kick-ass radio stations out in San Diego.” (I think this was shortly after Y100 went off the air in Philly and he was just a little bit jealous.)

And the little radio station that could put together a great lineup for Sunday’s show. Here it is:

Main Stage
Nortec Collective 12:40-1:10 (I hope the Magic Bus gets me there on time to see them!)
Santogold 1:25-1:55
Ting Tings 2:20-2:50
The Whigs 3:20-3:55
MGMT 4:25-5:00
Cold War Kids 5:30-6:15
The Hold Stead 6:45-8:00
Flogging Molly 8:30-9:45

Local Stage
Wrong Trousers 1:55-2:20
Blackout Party 2:50-3:20
Kill Me Tomorrow 3:55-4:25
The Muslims 5:00-5:30
Silent Comedy 6:15-6:45
Transfer 8:00-8:30

I’ve got a photo pass, so I’ll be flitting back and forth between the two stages all day. If you see me, be sure to say hi!

The Hold Steady @ Canes, 6/1/2007