M.I.A. due to laptop computer issues and family bonding

No photos from The Clientele show just yet. I personally was grumpy on Wednesday, and my laptop computer has been grumpy Thursday to the present. I think there’s some sort of loose connection inside, because it seems to not really want to power on sometimes, and if it is working, and then you move it the wrong way, it freezes up. And not the kind of freezing that’s fixed with Ctrl-Alt-Del. It just…stops. Only way to fix it is with a hard shutdown. Ouch.

And that’s unlikely to be resolved until I can find a set of small screwdrivers. I have two such sets in my apartment in San Diego, but so far have been unable to locate one in my parents’ house. I’m sure there are several, it’s just a function of me never really having lived here (they moved to a new house while I was in undergrad), plus my inability to deal with multi-roomed houses. Seriously, I lived in a dorm or studio apartment all through undergrad, and now a one-bedroom in San Diego. There’s so much space in which to put things. Weird.

At any rate, while I’m missing a ton of cool things in San Diego this weekend, it’s nice to be home. I forgot how green vegetation could be. I forgot what humidity feels like. I forgot how awesome it is to be on your back porch and feel a thunderstorm approaching. First the wind picks up ever-so-slightly. Then the temperature starts to drop, subtly at first, then quickly. Then more wind, knocking still-living leaves off the tree branches. It’s not until that point that you hear the first rumble of thunder. That’s when you start looking for the clouds and the rain off in the distance. And while most people loathe the coming of rain, we East Coasters look forward to the thunderstorms, the sometimes daily respite from the onslaught of heat and humidity. Not to mention that the rainfall is vital to some folks in this area – farm country is only minutes away, in reality. Hoping to get up to some of that on Monday, if my plan to visit State College for half a day pans out. I’ve been dying for some Penn State Creamery ice cream and some Spat’s crab and corn chowder. Not to mention the chance to photograph something non-music related (also hoping to head to downtown Harrisburg tomorrow to see what I can see in this so-called city).

Anyway, those are my lame excuses for not posting recently. Oh, and the wedding – my reason for being home, after all – went off without a hitch last night. The couple seemed amazingly happy together, my whole family got drunk (we were seated at the “rowdy table”- all 6 of us, plus an aunt who’s a saint and her husband, who’s, well, a bit of a trouble-maker). Took a bunch of photos with the point and shoot on the dance floor, smoked a cigar with dad, little sister, and little brother, hung out with some cool cousins, and ended the night at a party in my aunt’s ex-husband’s hotel room, which conveniently shared a connecting door with our hotel room. Brunch this morning was a little more…subdued. A good trip so far, and now I just hope I can avoid family drama until Tuesday when I return to sunny (or maybe not-so-much) San Diego.