MC Hawking

Today, during a four hour lull in my experiments (antibodies take that long to stick to beads) I took a tip from Bizzaro Pete and checked out MC Hawking.

I should probably explain how I got the tip in the first place.

We were at the Independence Jam, in the beer garden next to the local stage. P had run into Bizzaro Pete and some friends (who randomly have all seen my website – I gotta get used to that). Somehow P brought up Kipper’s Trivia Night at the Whistlestop, which we’ve only ever been to, erm, once.

Which led us to discussing the “Movie Quotes as read by Stephen Hawking” category. Which, by the way, I was terrible at because I couldn’t understand any of the words. I think I was good for a single answer in that category. P dominated, even though he was drunk as shit that night. Sometimes I’m 90% sure he has Asperger’s – I’ve never heard anyone else quote hip-hop lyrics so accurately, and utterly at random. I think D was also useless in that category, as he was cracking up too much, at both P and the quotes.

So we were describing this to Bizzaro Pete, in an effort to get him to come to Trivia Night with us sometime. He then started talking about MC Hawking, a web developer who raps (sometimes about science) and uses the text-to-speech program WillowTalk to make himself sound like Stephen Hawking. I twittered about it, because lord knows I can’t remember anything these days for longer than an hour. Unless it’s utterly useless knowledge.

And then today I went to youtube and found some gems.


“What We Need More of is Science”:

There are more on youtube, including “Fuck the Creationists.” Let’s just say it was a solid use of four hours (well, okay, in all honesty, I was at the pub for two of those hours). I probably should have been posting my Calico Horse CD release show review, but eh – I’ll get to it.