Nada Surf – "I Like What You Say"

I suppose this post title could also be written as follows: Nada Surf, I like what you say. Because I do. Because they say things like this:

They say you have to have somebody
They say you have to be someone’s
They say if you’re not lonely alone
Boy, then there is something wrong

They nailed it right there. That’s exactly how I feel, being a single girl with mostly non-single friends. People are always encouraging me to “meet” their other friends, even when the only thing I have in common with said friend is the fact that we’re both single. People think it’s weird that I don’t have a problem being single. Me, I think it’s weird to be in a ho-hum relationship just to avoid being alone. So single I stay, until someone impresses me enough to make me think they’d be worth the time and effort of a relationship.