New Photography Website Up!!!

I completely revamped using an application called Pixelpost. It’s awesome, allows for easy uploads of photos (read: no fucking with HTML code to add each photo), and there are tons of templates and add-ons available.

And the templates are usually coded by nice people who don’t let there code get all messy, which makes it much easier for us “learn as you go” folks to figure out how to tweak it.

So anyway, go check it out! Comments/criticisms are welcome and appreciated. And here’s a hint – check out the tags on the bottom of the Archive page to find photos of a specific band.

I’ll hopefully be updating it soon with more photos (B&W neg scans, non-music photography, etc). Also, I’ll still primarily be using Flickr for most of my posting – this site is more for posting what I consider my “best” shots. Enjoy!

P.S. – Thanks to my British friend for help with server and initial installation issues. I’m glad you’re even geekier than I am, even though that’s tough these days.