New Pornographers Preorder

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In the latest news of bands/record labels using creative methods to keep people interested in buying CDs (instead of bitching, moaning, and inciting lawsuits), the New Pornographers have some interesting goodies included in the pre-order of their new CD, Challengers.

If you pre-order either the “executive” edition or the “regular” edition, both of which are available on CD or vinyl, Matador will send you an email within a few days with a link and a code allowing you to stream the album NOW. Keep in mind this album isn’t out until August 21st! You also supposedly get advanced notice and exclusive ticket buy links to upcoming New Pornographers shows.

AND if you drop the $3 extra for the executive edition, you get three bonus CD-R discs with pre-printed labels (!), which are meant for you to download exclusive content onto, such that:

  • Disc One = B-sides, Demos, and alternate mixes
  • Disc Two = The New Pornographers “Live From the Future”
  • Disc Three = Videos, photos, and artwork

Some of that content (I’m assuming “Live from the Future” here) hasn’t been recorded yet, yadda yadda yadda, hence the reason for giving you CD-R’s. I think it’s a neat concept. Way to go Matador!

Pre-orders are available from both Lou’s and M-Theory. Only M-Theory doesn’ t have a “pick up in the store” option on their site, instead requiring you to pay $5 for shipping when you live 10 minutes away. Looks like I’ll be hopping into the store to pre-order that one.

And if you haven’t heard, New Pornographers will be playing the House of Blues on Tuesday, September 18th, if you’re too lazy to drive to Viejas to see the White Stripes with the Cold War Kids. Neko Case will be joining them. Tix are $20 and are onsale now, but please don’t buy all of them until I have a chance to get down there later today to pick up mine. $10.25 in fees on a $20 ticket, $8.25 of which is a “convenience” charge? Fuck convenience, I’ll drive down there myself, thankyouverymuch.