New Swedish Models Video

Swedish Models, “Eye for an Eye”:

I know it’s already up on SD: Dialed In and SanDiegoish, but I’m reposting it because, well, I shot some of the footage. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do any of the editing (thanks to Dan, who also shot the rest of the footage), because video isn’t really my thing. It’s one of the many things I wish I had time to learn, but I just don’t right now. At any rate, I’m glad I could help out and put my camcorder to good use (usually it just sits on my bookshelf). And yeah, contact them if you want a seat on their party bus to LA on the 18th. Unfortunately for me, it’s the weekend before my advancement to candidacy (oh shit I should be working on that now, shouldn’t I?), so I’m doubtful that I can make it. If you can’t make the party bus either, check out their show at the Belly Up on the 29th with Marc Ford.

And for anyone in Vegas, check them out (in limited capacity) with Fifty on Their Heels at the Beauty Bar tomorrow night…