New Swim Party Tune

It’s called “Pariah,” it’s off the Black Box Studio compilation CD, and it’s up on their myspace site now.

From the band:

We’ve (Finally) added a new song to our profile. This is off a compilation of local San Diego bands, by the awesome BLACK BOX STUDIOS in Golden Hill, San Diego. We liked recording there so much, that we’ve decided to record our next album there!

Speaking of the “next album.” We originally had it slated to drop (that’s industry speak for “release”) sometime this month (sept) but that’s all changed. We originally were going to release another 5 song EP, but we just have too many new songs that we’re really proud of to only pick 5, so get ready. We’re recording our first FULL LENGTH!!!

We’ve got 5 of the songs started, with 7+ more to record. We’ll be heading into Black Box a bunch in the next few weeks/months, starting on Wednesday, plus recording a lot of the extra instrumentation ourselves at Petro’s place like last time. We can’t wait!

for now, check out the new song, Pariah (which will also be on our full length, though we’ll re-record it and change it a little bit so it’s not the exact same) and check out Black Box too!

~ alex / swim party

Do what you can to stay out of the heat today, folks. I might be watching movies at work, or I might head to the Whistlestop in the hopes that they have their AC on like they did last night…

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