New year, new look

So.  If you’ve made it to the blog site, you’ve noticed that things have changed around here.  I’ve had both website redesigns in the works for a few months, and when Blogger decided to randomly redirect my domain to a site that didn’t exist, I wasn’t left with much choice other than to launch the new designs ASAP.

I hope you like them.  If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to leave them below.

I’ve been reflecting on 2009 for some time now.  The first half, quite frankly, was miserable.  I was slowly coming to terms with leaving graduate school, trying to convince myself that quitting did not equal failure.  It’s funny how as soon as I came to terms with that, as soon as the decision was official, everything took a 180 degree turn towards the better.  The second half of 2009 left me happier than I’ve been in YEARS.  I got a new job that I enjoy.  I made strides toward establishing a photography business, which I hope to grow in the coming years.  And as for my personal life, well, I’ll spare you the details to save you all from vomiting over the cuteness.  But what would a post be without a photo (excuse the iPhone camera, please):