New Year's Blog Resolutions

I’m not usually the type for resolutions and all that crap, but I want to make this blog a little more structured in its posts. I’d also like to start showcasing some of my non-music photography more regularly. So here’s where I hope to go with this site in the New Year:

1. Post a non-music photo daily. Doesn’t have to be a photo that I shot that day, but preferably something that hasn’t been posted before on this site.

2. Feature one San Diego band per week on the site, probably in interview form, although maybe incorporating a CD and/or live show review. I just thought of this now, but I figured it would be a great way for myself to learn more about new bands or bands that I haven’t had the chance to see yet. If you’re interested in a feature, email me.

3. Give my recommendations for shows/events going on each week. Note: this is a personal blog, so there will be a decent amount of subjectivity involved. If you read the site, you know the type of music that I like. Do with it what you will.

I’m also hoping to start a 365 days, 365 photos project, which will involve taking a photo each and every day. Not sure if I’ll be posting these here or not, but I will create a separate Flickr set for them.

So there you have it. This is the new year, and all that jazz.