Official Word on Society for Neuroscience Conference

I got this response from the Society today. Hope it helps all those out there who found my site searching for information on the conference.

As Neuroscience 2007 approaches, SfN is monitoring the fires in the
greater San Diego County area very closely and we continue to be in
regular contact with area officials. While the situation is a tragedy
for the affected outlying communities, we have been assured that the
convention center, downtown areas, and airport remain open and are not
at risk, and that Neuroscience 2007 is not expected to be significantly
affected when it kicks off 10 days from now.

While no disruption of meeting activities or travel is anticipated,
media coverage has raised questions about potential health or safety
concerns. The well-being of our attendees is our highest priority.
Convention and tourism authorities are expanding their range of public
information to include up-to-date findings on air quality for the
downtown area and other issues that would impact safety or mobility. We
encourage you to check regularly for updates.
Based on the information from local authorities, anticipated improving
conditions by next week do not warrant altering plans for the
Neuroscience 2007 meeting.

The neuroscience community is on track to have another highly rewarding,
and safe, meeting. Local, state, and national authorities are working
aggressively to manage the situation and mitigate any effects. SfN
continues to prepare for a successful event while also monitoring any
changing events that would affect our members, and we will update this
notice daily, or more frequently, as needed. We look forward to seeing
you in San Diego!

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So there you go.