Oh Glorious Sleep!

Looks like I’ve kicked that stupid insomnia/anxiety dreams thing for now, seeing as how two out of the last three nights I’ve managed to fall asleep on top of my covers, fully clothed, and remain there for 2-4 hours.

Granted, the night that I did that for 4 hours before getting up to change into pajamas, wash up, etc, I was not really all that sober.

But last night, I was stone cold sober and managed to stay asleep in my clothes for 2 hours. That takes dedication.

I have no idea what led to this shift in sleeping pattern – I never really do. Even when I’m having anxiety dreams I’m confused, because I never feel any more anxious or stressed than usual.

But whatever, it’s over for a few weeks, and now I can stop being so crabby. Hooray!