One Stripe, Two Stripes, Red Stripes, White Stripes

For once I would like to read a record review of the White Stripes that doesn’t reference their outfits. Pretty please? I’m just saying…I had higher hopes for Pitchfork than most, and well, it only took them until the end of the first paragraph. Yawn.

That being said, I need to pick up this album the next time I’m in the vicinity of M-Theory (damn you, Warner Bros, for not putting your catalog on eMusic). This stupid science conference is messing up my record buying by keeping me on campus until 10:30 tonight (!!!). I should be listening to talks right now, except for the fact that I’m still waiting for this computer technician to contact me regarding fixing my computer. Which he was supposed to do before noon today. Grrrr.

This is just not my week.