Photos: Calico Horse, Swim Party @ Casbah, 08/14/2008

I took only a few photos that night, and these are the only ones that turned out. I figure it’s okay because I’ve shot both Calico Horse and Swim Party a bunch of times.

Swim Party @ Casbah, 08/14/2008

I missed out on Colorstore because I was at the back bar catching up with Andy. They sounded good though.

And Calico Horse? They sounded great, even minus a guitarist. It forces Emily to step up and really bring it, and she definitely does. Her voice has gotten a lot more confident in the past few months as well – a product of touring, I’m sure.

Calico Horse @ Casbah, 08/14/2008

Calico Horse @ Casbah, 08/14/2008