Photos: Chicago Day 2 – 04/01/2009

Photos: Chicago

Our second day in Chicago, we were fully rested and recovered, so we ventured out into the city. Kelly was playing tour guide for the trip, since she grew up in Chicago.

Kelly in Chicago

We first ventured up to Belmont, where we did a slight bit of shopping – I got a super cute new wallet and some fingerless gloves (which I would be very thankful for in the next few days), and she got the perfect mustache for her ukulele (long story). Then we walked over to Wrigleyville to see the baseball field and grab a beer at the completely deserted Cubby Bear.

Wrigley Field

Ernie Banks statue

I was a little obsessed with the old buildings, brick architecture, and, of course, the train tracks running everywhere. All the things that I miss from back home that just don’t exist in San Diego.

Chicago buildings

Train tracks 05

We eventually worked our way over to DePaul University, Oz Park, and Kelly’s old high school, Lincoln Park.

DePaul University

Lincoln Park High School

We grabbed dinner at this hole-in-the-wall joint with amazingly delicious hamburgers and then managed to coordinate a meet-up with Heather before heading to the Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice show at the Portage Theater that night. I’ll cover that show in a separate post.

Train station