Photos: Chicago, Day 6 – 04/05/2009

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This was our last real day in Chicago. And umm, of course it SNOWED. In April.

Chicago wouldn’t let me leave without showing me its crazy weather. And I loved it.

After a mostly lazy day, we ended up at Kelly’s mom’s apartment for some dinner and some excellent views of downtown. It was raining most of the day, and on the trip into downtown, it slowly turned into sleet. Something I haven’t seen in probably 5 years – not since Penn State.

We ducked into Macy’s so I could pick up some tights I had seen through the window, and marveled at the escalators.

Macy's escalators

As we walked to Kelly’s mom’s apartment building, the sleet turned into snow.

Downtown Chicago

Which was gorgeous to watch from 30-some stories up in the air, as the flakes danced and drifted in the updrafts.

Merchandise Mart in the snow
(long exposure, with a little bit of flash added in to light up the snowflakes)

Downtown Chicago + snow
(same technique as above)

Of course, snow is great to watch from inside a cozy apartment. But after dinner, we decided to venture to Navy Pier, snow be damned – I wanted a photo of that Ferris Wheel lit up at night…