Photos: Lake Arrowhead Holga photos

Photos: Lake Arrowhead Holga

A few more shots from Lake Arrowhead, taken with my Holga. The main purpose in bringing this camera with me was to get some star trails, which I failed to do at Zion. Here’s two shots that turned out alright. I believe they were both 5 hour exposures. The first one is a bit lighter because I started it later and dawn was breaking as I closed the shutter.

Lake Arrowhead 01

Lake Arrowhead 02

This roll of film was also kind of jacked (again, I think it was a roll that came with me to Coachella in 2008 and possibly sat in a hot car for a day), and I had to do a lot of filter work to get rid of the red overtones.

The next two photos are the same dock, I just forgot to switch the camera from “bulb” mode to “normal” mode on the first one. Whoops. I kind of like it anyway.

Lake Arrowhead 03

Lake Arrowhead 04

I like this house shot better than the one I took with the 40d.

Lake Arrowhead 05

And finally, the lake itself.

Lake Arrowhead 06