Photos: Seattle Holga shots, 06/2008

Photos: Seattle Holga shots

Yeah. So who shoots a roll of film in her Holga in Seattle in JUNE, and then lets it sit in her fridge until OCTOBER? This girl. That’s right. There’s actually another roll from Alaska still sitting in there right next to the eggs. Maybe I’ll get around to developing it today.

These shots came out really well exposed. Seattle was gorgeous the entire time we were there – sunny and warm. And damn if it didn’t make me feel right at home right away. Funny how certain places can do that, even if you’ve never set foot in them before.

Seattle, Holga 04

Seattle, Holga 05

Seattle, Holga 11

Seattle, Holga, 07

Seattle, Holga 02

Quick tip for cleaning up scanned film negatives – to remove dust, use the Photoshop clone stamp tool, but set the mode to “darken.” Makes it really easy to get rid of those annoying speckles.