Photos: Zion National Park, Day 4

Photos: Zion National Park

Last day in Zion. We left pretty early to try to get home at a decent hour, since we all had laundry and unpacking to do before work the next day.

The group @ Zion National Park

Of course, that didn’t prevent us from stopping at a total tourist trap to pick up some souvenirs.

Virgin Trading Post

Virgin Trading Post

Pretty sure this wasn't real...

We also stopped in St. George for gas, at the same gas station where I got hit on a year and a half ago on my way to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. I think I was even wearing the same shirt this day, but alas, no repeat luck.

Gas station in St. George where I got hit on 1.5 years ago

After that, it was Vegas for a quick lunch, then back home to San Diego. Every camping trip I go on just makes me excited for the next one…