Pitchfork Interviews Will Sheff of Okkervil River

Pitchfork’s got a highly interesting interview with Will Sheff of Okkervil River. Sheff strikes me as incredibly intelligent, and the interview touches on a number of philosophical type issues and how they relate to Okkervil River’s new album, The Stage Names. Well done, Pitchfork, and well done, Sheff.

On a highly unrelated note, I feel like as soon as this major proposal defense is over on Friday, I’m going to be delving deep into some literature. Probably going to be putting in an order from Amazon one of these days – anyone got any suggestions, or books they want to loan me?

Similarly unrelated, but it’s always nice to dream – if anyone wants to buy me a really really nice Christmas present, this would be the thing. Things I am excited about: better image quality at ISO 1600 and the ability to push it to ISO 3200. Things I am not so excited about: Live LCD (maybe because I’m just a purist like that) and the nine-point AF (autofocusing) system – for concerts, I just use the central point anyway. Usually don’t do much shooting upwards of f5.6. But maybe I should? Of course, with a list price of $1300, it’s out of my range. Right now, that’s money better spent on glass (aka lenses) – and speaking of which, I’m probably going to break down and buy a wide-angle in the next month or so…