Pitchfork Loves Boxer, So You Should Too

Say what you want about the pretentiousness of Pitchfork’s album reviews, but in my opinion, their review of The National’s new CD Boxer (out today!!!) is spot on. I already gushed about this album a few posts down, so I’ll spare you the idolatry here. All I have to say is, go buy this album. NOW. I plan on stopping at M-Theory on my way home to pick up the hard copy of it, even though I’ve had a leaked version for over a month now. I plan on building a shrine to it and Alligator later today. Just kidding. Or am I?

The CD is also available via iTunes, for those of you too lazy/impatient to pick it up at the store. It comes with two bonus tracks (“Blank Slate” and “Santa Clara”) which I am in the process of picking up myself right now. Do it. You know you want to.