President Bush Takes Credit for Discovery He Can't Even Begin to Explain

Via Wired: President Bush Takes Credit for Stem Cell Breakthrough

I was pretty much waiting for this to happen. Motherfucker. Don’t take credit for things you don’t even understand. Don’t take the credit away from the people who slave long hours, get paid shit wages, and have to constantly fight to get funding for their research. Funding for science is terrible because it’s all going into your stupid oil war, and also because you’ve made it difficult for anyone doing stem cell research to get any money from the government. Without studying embryonic stem cells, how do you think we’d even be able to tell that we transformed differentiated cells into them? As the Wired article points out, the two pathways of research are incredibly interconnected. We couldn’t have done one without the other. So by hindering embryonic stem cell research all these years, Mr. President, you also hindered this discovery.

Let the scientists have their glory. It doesn’t happen nearly enough.

Oh, and props to Arlen Specter from my home state of PA: “I really don’t think anybody ought to take credit in light of the six-year delay we’ve had…. My own view is that science ought to be unfettered and that every possible alternative ought to be explored.” I’m not sure how you’re from the same state that elected Rick Santorum, but I sure am glad you are.