Random Notes

This is just a collection of stuff that I feel like throwing out there:

  • On Friday, when I was biking home, I saw a guy doing karate moves on the corner of 9th and University. That gave me a chuckle.
  • I watched the movie Atonement the other night, and I must say – James McAvoy, there will forever be a place in my heart for you. And that place is shoving me up against a bookshelf. On a side note, the movie was incredible, both in the story and the visual aspects. That 5 minute tracking shot on the beach blew my mind.
  • I bought an off-camera shoe cord for my Speedlite off of Ebay for $25. Hooray!
  • I can’t stop listening to the Or, the Whale and The Silent Comedy albums that I picked up last weekend. They’re both really good and I highly recommend them if you don’t have them already.

That is all, for now at least.