Regarding the Lack of Show Reviews/Photos/etc

I’ve been cranky so far this week.

Sunday I was tired, went to the Casbah anyway, shot some photos that I haven’t even looked at, then left right after the third band started.

Yesterday morning I fell into a funk due to the cancellation of The National’s show. I’m still pretty much wallowing around in that black pit of despair. Well, okay, not really, maybe I’m just burnt out. As such, didn’t do anything last night except have dinner at a friend’s house and look through my gazillion photos on Flickr to pull out the good ones for the revamping of my “real” website. I’ll link to it when it looks nicer.

Today I got surprised with a postdoc candidate who was interviewing in our lab. Which meant sitting through a talk from 12-1, then trying to come up with things to talk to him about for 45 minutes. I think I lasted 30. What can I say? I’m shit at small talk (sooo boring) and would rather pull off my toenails than talk about science any more than I already have to. And wtf is my boss doing interviewing postdoc candidates when it’s fairly possible (probable?) that the lab will be moving to San Francisco within the year?

Really, I just want to drop all my obligations and get my research done so I can get the hell out of grad school poverty and start making some well-earned money with this degree. Fuck academia, I want a job with stability and a decent salary sometime before my 40’s, thankyouohsomuch.

There, that should convince you that I’m cranky. Gonna try and shake it off by heading to the Whistlestop tonight for some video game action…