San Diego Fire Info

With several wildfires raging and mandatory evacuations in place for several areas in San Diego County, the last thing on my mind is music right now. Went into work today (left before the notice went out that campus was closed, although it wouldn’t have mattered anyway – I had cells to feed) and it was eerie, to say the least. Deserted, grey sky with the smell of smoke detectable on the wind – it smelled like a campfire in my lab. Took care of what I had to and then left. While I was there, a postdoc in my lab dropped in to get her computer and say that they had been evacuated from their place up north that morning. And she was all worried because she had a grant due today. I told her that I’m sure they’ll give her some leeway for a campus closure and the worst fires California has ever seen. I also got a call from my boss, whose home is in Del Mar and potentially in the line of the fire. He told me to leave. So I did.

I’m chilling safe at home in North Park now, and if anyone needs a place to crash tonight, I’ve got a pull-out couch. It’s not much, but it’s yours if you need it. I also took advantage of the unplanned afternoon off and made some lasagna for dinner…

For updated info on the fire, you can try Sign on San Diego’s fireblog, but it’s been working on and off for me. CatDirt’s blog might be a better (and slightly less heavily trafficked) site to check out. Rosey’s also doing her best to bring you up-to-date info. My heart goes out to all of those displaced by these wildfires, and to all those fighting hard to contain them.