San Francisco Music Blog Roundup

After letting the news of my impending move sink in a bit, I’m getting a little excited about it. While in my past I may have been more of a timid person, I’ve really learned in the last few years how to make friends with random people. So I’m fairly confident that I’ll be able to make my way into the scene once up there. My main concern is still being able to afford to live there and maintain the same sort of social life I have here, but I should be working that out with my boss sometime in the next few weeks.

I’ve started looking into some SF music blogs in the meantime, to try to get an idea of what’s going on up there. What follows is a list of blogs that I’ve either added to my Google Reader (in the case that they have RSS feeds), or that I plan on checking periodically.

The Deli SF – No RSS feed, but they do seem to focus on local music, as well as having daily show roundups, interviews, a local “band of the month,” and a rather extensive list of “SF indie artists.” Should be a big help in getting acquainted with the local scene.

Hear Ya
– More of a collective of bloggers. Contributors are located in Chicago and San Francisco. Their focus is more on nationally known indie bands, but they record live sessions with bands in both Chicago and San Fran.

ipickmynose – Again, more of a SF local music blog. The author says in his “about” section that he noticed a gap in media coverage as far as SF local music goes, so he decided to step in. It seems surprising to me that this gap exists (especially considering the amount of music bloggers in San Diego, a town whose scene I would have thought smaller by far), but hey, good news for me, right? This site also has photos from gigs, which I’m happy to see – there also appears to be a lack of photobloggers from the blogs that I’ve seen – again, more good news for me, I suppose.

Noise: The San Francisco Bay Guardian’s music blog – More national than local coverage, and obviously less personal than, well, a personal blog.

SFist – Not solely music, but a good source for local info written in a witty manner. Reminded me that I should also add DCist and Phillyist to my Reader.

The Bay Bridged
– Very local-centric, with podcasts featuring local bands and a new banner each month designed by a different SF artist. They even recently put out a compilation CD of songs from local bands. Good photos too. Can’t wait to dig around this site some more.

If anyone’s got any other good ones, send ’em over.