Scarred: Live @ Chula Vista Skate Park this Saturday

Like MTV, this post has nothing to do with music.

I just watched part of an episode of this show online. Yowch.

At any rate, I’ll be there with video and press credentials (along with Rosey). I’m hoping to get some cool shots of skaters – maybe even some video as I will be bringing my digital camcorder along. Here are the details:




Scarred: Live takes over MTV on Saturday, July 14th at 2pm (ET/PT)*. This LIVE 3-hour special includes a countdown of the Top Ten sickest clips of the first 10 episodes as voted on by viewers, a first look at the second half of the extended first season, and a number of familiar “Scarred” faces re-attempting their ill-fated stunts from previous episodes. This will all build up to one HUGE live finale stunt as motocross legend, Brian Deegan will re-attempt his unsuccessful back-flip jump, as made famous on MTV’s “Viva La Bam,” this time over a pool filled with live sharks. Hosted by Wee Man (MTV’s “Jackass”) and CariDee English (“America’s Next Top Model”), MTV will also be highlighting some of the favorite “Scarred” adrenaline junkies with awards like “Biggest Idiot,” “Stupidest Mistake” and “Most Mind-Blowing Metaphor for Pain.”

“Scarred” is a weekly half-hour series exploring the phenomenon of thrill seekers and extreme sports enthusiasts sharing their user-generated videos with the world. Hosted by Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix, every scar has a story, and for the first time the people behind some of the internet’s most popular videos get to share their stories firsthand. MTV details the dangers, consequences, and pain that can result when these daredevils attempt such risk-taking stunts.

Filming starts at 11AM. Rosey suggested wearing bikinis to fit in with the MTV crowd, but I’d probably just blind the camera crew with my paleness…