Seattle: Day Two, Part One – Walk to Pioneer Square

Photos: Seattle

I took so many photos yesterday that I’m breaking up the post into three parts. In the morning, we headed over to Pioneer Square around 9AM. Did I mention that both my parents were awake (and, therefore, so was I) by 6AM. Not so cool.

The weather in Seattle the last two days has been very atypical – warm and sunny. I guess I brought it with me from San Diego? At any rate, I’m not complaining.

The walk to Pioneer Square went basically like this: walk with parents, see something I wanted to take a photo of, stop and take the photo, then run to catch up with the parents. It worked out pretty well. I hate making people stop and wait while I take a photo – I’d rather just catch up to them when I’m done.

Convention Center
Convention Center

Buildings like this are just made for black and white shots.


Jimmy John's!!!
You have no idea how excited I was when I saw this sign. I still get 3AM drunk cravings for their fresh-baked bread. Slim #1 baby, with an extra loaf of bread. And maybe a pickle. Too bad it’s closed on weekends and I’ll probably leave town without getting my fix.

Blurry, but I like it anyway.

This was in the bar where we met for the Underground Tour. The first candidate for the “366 Days…” slot.

Red light
Cultivating a minor obsession with light fixtures, here.
(Kendra – I just joined the “Fixture Fixation” Flickr group. Thanks for the heads up!)

More to come…