Seattle: Day Two, Part Three – Smith Tower

Photos: Seattle

Michael also tipped me off to the fact that Smith Tower was right across from where the Underground Tour ended, and that we could go up to the 35th floor and get an awesome view of the city.

Lobby of Smith Tower
The lobby reminded me of an old East Coast building, maybe in NYC…

Elevator in Smith Tower
Complete with an old school elevator with a sliding cage door and operator. You could see into each floor as you passed through it.

Waterfront from Smith Tower
The view from the top was incredible.

Skyline from Smith Tower

Space Needle from Smith Tower
Close-up of the Space Needle.

Qwest Field from Smith Tower
Qwest Field.

View from Smith Tower

Mt. Ranier from Smith Tower
Mt. Ranier floating in the distance.

After this, my dad went back to the convention center, and my mom and I continued to Pike Street Market…