Seattle: Day Two, Part Two – Underground Tour

Photos: Seattle

Thanks to Micheal for recommending this tour to me – otherwise, my parents were planning on going on it before I got into town. I didn’t expect it to have so many photo opportunities, but damn. I could have taken photos for DAYS under those 3 blocks. It was all dirt and grime and cobwebs, and oh, the DEBRIS. And TEXTURE. Amazing.

Seattle's Underground

Cobwebs - Underground Tour

Moss - Underground Tour

If it weren’t for all the other people on the tour, I would have been doing my best Little Mermaid impression: “Look at this stuff/Isn’t it neat?” Shit, now that song’s stuck in my head…

Stuff - Underground Tour

Skylights - Underground Tour
Skylights in the sidewalk

Gears - Underground Tour

There were also stories about “seamstresses” and the Yukon goldrush, and explanations as to why there even IS an underground to Pioneer Square, but you can find all that out for yourself.

Saw - Underground Tour

Stuff - Underground Tour

Dress - Underground Tour

On a side note, I’m pretty sure most of the people on the tour were looking at me wondering, “What the heck is she taking a photo of?” But I love the detail shots. And my 50mm lens…

Toilet - Underground Tour

Chair - Underground Tour

Stuff - Underground Tour

I also managed to get a few shots of the above-ground when we were switching between the 3 underground blocks. I’m pretty pleased with them as well.


Fire Escape