Sessions Fest Review: As Seen Through the Eyes of a Drugged-Up Blogger

And no, not drugged up in the “fun” way. I spent most of this weekend (Friday night until 7AM Monday morning) in bed, moaning about being sick when there was so much going on around town.

I did drag myself out of bed for about 2 hours worth of Sessions Fest on Saturday though, and I’m glad I did, even if I didn’t bring my camera along. I caught MC Flow’s act first. P was skeptical about a female hip-hop artist in San Diego, of all places, but was won over in the end. As was I. I’m not much for hip-hop normally, but when it’s about shit that matters, I’m all ears. And MC Flow fits into that category nicely. What was most amusing about her set, though, were the kids running around/dancing in front of the stage the whole time while she was onstage dropping the F-bomb. Did I mention that two of the kids were wearing wife-beaters and one was wearing a Mr. Incredible costume? Awesome.

We ran into some friends and stuck around for a bit of The Atoms’ set, but by that point the drugs (Dayquil Sinus, to be exact) were starting to wear off and there was homemade chicken soup waiting at home. Much thanks to Scott and Sophie for putting on this event – I wish I could have stayed longer or taken photos, but it just wasn’t in me. Colds suck.

Sunday was spent entirely in bed, having anxiety dreams about lab work and shooting a White Stripes concert (HA!) when I couldn’t change the lenses on my camera and my battery had run out. WTF why can’t I have normal passed-the-fuck-out sleep when I take Nyquil?

I should probably still be at home in bed right now, as it’s kind of hard to focus on the type as I write this now, but I had cells that needed to be fed and some Western blots that needed to get done. Also, I think I’m supposed to meet with my boss in an hour? That should be fun…