Show Photos: Yo La Tengo @ Coachella 2010, 04/18/2010

I only took a handful of photos of Yo La Tengo, and the only reason I’m posting any of them is as an excuse to tell you WHY I only took a few photos.

About halfway through their first song, I raised my camera to my eye, only to actually touch the eyecup piece that sits around the viewfinder to my eyeball. My contact, being extremely dry in the desert heat, took that opportunity to leap out of my eye and go who knows where. Keep in mind that this was my shooting eye… I attempted to get a few shots using my other eye, but it wasn’t working so well. Knowing that Pitchfork’s other photographer was also shooting them, I ducked out of the pit and proceeded to perform emergency triage. Fortunately, I had packed not only extra contacts in my backpack, but hand sanitizer, hand wipes, contact lens solution, and a case. Always be prepared!

Yo La Tengo @ Coachella 2010, 04/18/2010

Yo La Tengo @ Coachella 2010, 04/18/2010

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