Show Review: The Silent Comedy @ The Stage Saloon, 4/30/2008

Photos: The Silent Comedy @ The Stage Saloon

I was in bed “napping” at 10PM (recovery from Coachella) when Rosey texted me to get my butt down to The Stage Saloon for The Silent Comedy’s free show. I dragged my feet a little, but finally got out of bed, into the shower, and downtown in time to catch most of their set. Last time I saw them, I was unfamiliar with all of their material. This time though, after listening to their full-length and especially their new EP a lot in the intervening weeks, I was ready to shout the words out along with the band. I missed “Daisy,” which was the set opener, but thankfully caught “Gasoline.” Those two are my favorites off the EP, and of the two, I’m glad it was the latter that I caught live. There’s just something so cathartic about yelling out the lines, “I am alright/I am alright/I’m doing just fine,” with a room full of people.

The band barely fit on stage, but they made the most of it, really working the crowd – many of whom were probably unfamiliar with the band, given that it was the Gaslamp and all. After they finished, the room cleared out pretty quickly, which might have had to do with the Gaslamp-esque price of drinks. Fortunately, I wasn’t in the mood to drink anything other than water, so I hung around for a bit and managed to score a free t-shirt. Driving home afterwards, I took Pershing Drive, and managed to hit my favorite curve just as the aforementioned “I am alright,” lyric came up on their EP, which was still in my CD player. Not many things are better in life…

(If you’re wondering, all the photos were converted to black and white because every single stage light in that place was red. Blech. Although in this case, the B&W kinda suits the band better, no?)