Sigur Ros TJ show canceled

Looks like I’m going to have to do some rearranging of my plans for Sunday. I was supposed to shoot Sigur Ros in TJ, but Citybeat heard rumors that they canceled, and it was later confirmed by my peeps at Pitchfork. Boo – I was really looking forward to a) seeing them; and b) taking photos of them playing in an open-air-because-it’s-half-burned-down theater.

Of course, San Diego being the awesome town that it is, I have options. The Independence Jam, for one – I’m working on getting Pitchfork to let me cover it for them, in order to let the world know how awesome our town is.

And if it weren’t for that, Frog Eyes is still playing at the Che.

I’ll be at Devore Stadium (thanks, Owen!).