Slow Morning

Apparently I’m incapable of getting water to boil, but it’s a moot point since someone else is borrowing my power supply so I can’t run my SDS-PAGE (that’s Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate-PolyAcrylamide Gel Electrophoresis to you) gel for another hour or so anyway. I should have stayed in bed a little longer this morning, but I had vague ideas of getting shit started sooner. I feel like I’ve just been in a daze this week, whether from the stress of my major proposal being suddenly lifted, or Saturday’s mind-blowing Flaming Lips show, I don’t know.

I haven’t been sleeping that well, which ironically is due to my air conditioning. I run it because I can’t sleep for shit when it’s hot in my apartment. But I don’t have a power drill, so I never really properly installed the thing. It’s basically held on my windowsill solely by the weight of the window resting on it. And somehow, since I’m moving to SF in June, it seems like wasted effort to install it properly now. But the thing is, every once in awhile it kicks into high gear and shifts a bit, which makes the window rattle. Loudly. I can’t tell if it’s this, or when it abruptly shuts up and leaves total silence in its wake that is waking me up in a total panic every two hours or so.

The waking up every two hours is nothing new, my sleep cycle sucks (which is why I’m such a napper). But the startled waking is really messing with me. Usually when I wake up I just roll over, look at the clock to confirm that I don’t have to wake up, and then I fall back asleep. Right now, I’ve been waking up by sitting up violently, going to the window to fiddle with the AC, fidgeting around, and then finally falling back asleep. I could really do without the extra adrenaline in my bloodstream – it’s making it really hard to get work done during the day.