Song of the Day: 1/13/2008

The Shins – Sleeping Lessons

I experienced a moment of sheer, unadulturated joy today. I was driving back from Sunset Cliffs, and I decided to take 5 south to Pershing Drive, even though taking 8 east would probably have been faster. I just love the twisty meanderings of Pershing, and the fact that you can easily go 50 mph around those turns. Sometimes, when taking Pershing south to get on 5 north, it can feel like you’re racing with the airplanes that are coming in to land at the airport downtown. As I was rounding a turn going north (a turn that, granted, would have been much more fun in a car with more horsepower and a manual transmission, rather than my automatic Toyota Camry), this song exploded at just the right moment. It made me realize how much I miss long drives on my own with no traffic of which to speak.