Sorry for being M.I.A.

Sorry kiddos. I came down with something awful on Monday and was basically fighting a fever starting Monday afternoon and not ending until sometime last night (thank you, aspirin). I thought it was over yesterday morning, and that I just had the leftover aches and pains to deal with, but it ended up getting even worse until about the time that P was nice enough to stop by with some jello and eggo waffles. I decided to still try to take it easy today, since I want to be as close to 100% for my trip to San Francisco this weekend. I’m going to try to go into work for an hour or two (have to take care of some cells I have growing). I’ll also try to catch up with my posting, but no promises. I also don’t really expect to be going out at all the remainder of the week.

Ugh – don’t you hate it when life knocks you on your ass?