Starting off with a Clean Slate

In addition to getting a new keyboard and touchpad for my laptop, Dell is also giving me a new hard drive. Apparently the problems I was having with the system locking up were the fault of the hard drive.

This means that a) I have to backup all my files and reinstall all my programs after the tech installs the new hard drive, but also that b) I get to lose a lot of the junk that’s accumulated on my computer in the last year and a half.

I’m trying to look at this like it’s spring cleaning (summer cleaning?), not a huge pain in my ass.

I’ll try to post tomorrow about the Vinyl Radio show, but photos may be a bit delayed. Replacing hard drives has always been a stressful, and usually tramatic, experience for me. But at least this replacement is planned and not due to utter failure of the drive (knock on wood). But still, it throws a kink into things…