Swedish Models Party Bus to The Roxy in LA – Sat, Aug 18th

The Swedish Models are putting together a party bus to go up to LA for their gig at The Roxy on Saturday, August 18th. The show is in celebration of Ryan’s birthday. Here’s the info, straight from the Model’s mouths (well, evite):

August 18th is Ryan Wallers Big Birthday Party Show at the Roxy on Sunset. We are going to meet at The Swedish Models house at 6:45-7:15, and the bus will be leaving promptly at 7:20.

The bus is fully equipped with an on board lavatory and alcohol consumption is strongly encouraged.

We will arrive at the venue at 9:45-10:15, just in time for the first group to play. We will try and leave the bus easily accessible so you may stay and drink or utilize your in/out privilege from the club. From 11:32 – 12:12 The Swedish Models will be occupying the stage. The bus will depart from The Roxy at 12:50 and we will arrive back to The Swedish Models house at 3:00 or so. If you bring a sleeping bag, you are welcome to crash on our spacious and comfortable living room carpet/couches.

The cost of the bus is 30 dollars per person and includes a exclusive 3D glasses edition of our compact diskette that we are only offering to attendees of this expedition.

You may bring your own Alcohol, but glass beer bottles are prohibited.

Tickets to the show are 11.50, but if we fill up the bus, we’ll be able to put anything extra toward lowering this ticket price and providing free alcohol for the busride. Don’t worry about paying for the ticket until the night of the show, when we can hopefully cut down the price to 5 dollars or included.

Please RSVP via this evite soon and secure a spot, as space is limited and we are going to announce this event at tomorrow nights’ show at the Kensington Club.

After RSVPing we can set up a time/place to meet up and confirm your reservation.

So basically, $30 for the bus ride + alcohol, and no more than $11.50 for the ticket to the show. If you want to go, get in touch with the band via their Myspace site.

And don’t forget about their gig at the Ken Club tomorrow night for $3.