Television Review: The Ex-Factor

Due to extenuating circumstances involving a friend, I ended up watching some incredibly late night television in the early hours of Thursday AM. And all I can say is, WHAT THE FUCK, MTV?

I stumbled upon a show whose premise, it seems, is to fuck up people’s lives. They put an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend up in a hotel room for a weekend and see what happens. But not only that. They take the current boy/girlfriends of the people in question, put them in a room, and basically try to drive them crazy with jealousy. Worried that the exes might be touching? Well, if they do, a red light will go off in the room. Want to see what’s going on? Watch the TV in your room, which shows footage of what’s going on in their room. Want to know how many times your name has come up in conversation? Check the name counter (I shit you not). You can even pick out the activity the ex-couple gets to engage in – a harmless game of basketball, which you don’t get to watch, or couples yoga with live footage for your viewing pleasure.

Jesus Christ. Is this seriously the new low that television programming has sunk to? I’d rather watch hip-hop videos. Seriously. Or Robot Chicken, which is what we ended up switching to. Thank god for Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.