The Infants – So Secret the Scene Doesn't Even Know?

Why is it that the only people I know of who have heard of this band are people that I’ve told myself? In a town that loves itself some Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, why aren’t The Infants huge?

The Infants are a tight three-man band (guitar, drums, and bass, natch) who play their own version of bluesy rockabilly. The rhythm section (Luis on bass, Rene on drums) plays incredibly well together, and Scott’s guitar solos, while not necessarily exploring new ground, are solid. But have I mentioned the singing? Scott’s vocals are better than anyone else I’ve heard around town. You wouldn’t know it from looking at him, but the dude has pipes.

So why doesn’t anyone in town know about these guys? Is it because they don’t play many shows around town? One of the members goes to school up in L.A., so it’s difficult for them to rehearse, let alone play shows down here. But last I heard, he was finishing up this year, so maybe all that is going to change.

They recorded a CD sometime around the beginning of the year, but last time I checked in with them (a few months back), they didn’t have any money to release it yet. But with a string of upcoming shows – The Zombie Lounge this Saturday, the Sports Club on the 29th, and a date in L.A. at the Bordello Bar on July 14th, maybe they’ll be able to haul in enough cash to get that baby out in the open. I sure hope so.

Assuming I don’t keel over from lack of sleep and too much photo-ing, expect me to be at the Zombie Lounge tomorrow night. It’s not as…ghetto…as it used to be, which was a pleasant surprise last time I was there. It’s transformed into a total hipster bar, so hipsters, come on out!

Oh, and here are some photos that I took of them back in February. Not my best, but hey, I was just starting out…