The National Play "Lucky You"

Stereogum already posted this, but I thought it was worth re-posting, seeing as how The National are like, my favorite band and all.

I’m always kind of hoping to hear that they played “Lucky You” at one of their shows, but so far, no luck. It’s the album closer from Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, and probably my favorite song from their pre-Cherry Tree EP era. It’s gorgeous in all its alt-country bliss, with the subject being (I think) a husband singing to his runaway wife.

Well, Daytrotter finally got them to play a live version of it, and let me say, it’s amazing. The piano wasn’t in the original version, and it makes it so much more complete. Absolutely beautiful. It’s been an emotional music day for me today, what with watching all the Decemberists videos, and now this. Sigh.

Oh yeah, they covered the Psychedelic Furs too. Woo.