The Nerd Handbook

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The Nerd Handbook

That’s me in a nutshell. Seriously. And the social interaction thing? Totally true. I have no feel for small talk, but start talking about photography or music (or a number of other things), and I can literally feel myself become more engaging and charismatic. I don’t really have a “cave” per se, but I definitely get in “the zone.” In undergrad I used to sit at my desk studying for hours without standing up. I have a tendency to curl one leg up under me when sitting at my desk, and when I would stand up (usually to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen to get food), that leg would be completely numb.

It’s strange, because I usually have a severe lack of patience, at least when it comes to other people (just ask anyone who’s ever played Scrabble with me). But when it comes to the project of the moment, I have an infinite amount of both patience and focus.

Also, I expect other people to be extremely rational, rational beyond the means of humankind. And when someone acts irrationally (or in a way that I perceive as irrational, which probably just means I haven’t figured them out yet), it’s like you can literally see a sign blinking on my forehead that says “DOES NOT COMPUTE.”

Update: Rosey mentioned that all my “nerdiness” goes out the window at 2.5 Captain and Cokes. Very much true, I think because at that point I turn into a 5 year old child who gets excited about things like Scotch tape and chewing gum. Or I just talk over people, so that the conversation is forced into something I find interesting. At least I’m not an emotional drunk…